Play The Hat game online
Game for teams and friends. Works great for socials and meetups
Opportunity to communicate with friends and team remotely
We struggled to find opportunities to communicate with friends during the pandemic like it was before.
My friends and I especially missed the Hat game. So we decided to build a beta version of this game – an online version.

It doesn't require much: meet friends in a video conference and create a game on this page.

Game participants will be able to specify and see the words online. Still, communication will happen via zoom or google meet.
How The hat game works
The game is played by several teams with two players each. The game goal is to guess more words than other teams do in a limited time.

Every player comes up with 5-10 words for a game, so nobody will know all words.

There are three rounds with different tasks for players:

  • explain a word without naming them or using synonyms
  • show a word without pointing at it
  • explain a word using just one non-synonym word

Game settings
It is possible to choose how many people will play, how many words each player adds and how many seconds are given to guess the word.

Game participants
We suggest playing in 3 to 6 teams of two players.
The game will create teams automatically and randomly.

How to guess words

Number of words
We suggest every player come up with 10 to 20 words. Each player in his office writes down his words.
The number of words is specified when the game is created by.

A word must be a noun

For example, you can write straightforward ones, "paper" or "phone".

Nonetheless, it is usually more fun with less popular words. You could think about a specific industry or technology. For example, "pendulum" or "serendipity"

The Hat game rules
1) It is not allowed for the active player (who explains a word at the moment) to name consonant words.

Also, it is not allowed to name words with common morphemes, explicitly informing or hinting at the same time.

2) It is not allowed to use words which do not exist in English.

The reason is that such words, together with the hidden and, possibly, additional letters, could form an existing word.

For example, one cannot say "pipe..." (for "line") - since together they form a "pipeline".

3) The player cannot in any way appeal to the letters and syllables of the word.

For example, it is not allowed to say "the first letter is the same as that of ...", "remove the last four letters", "a word of three syllables", etc.).

4) It is also forbidden to appeal to the shape of the letter

For example, it is not allowed to say "round prefix", "in the middle like a cross").

However, it is allowed to appeal to parts of the word without specifying their size:

  • "change the beginning of the word", "
  • the middle is like the word that ...",
  • as well as to morphemes: "change the ending", "take the prefix, like my last name" etc

5) When explaining, it is also forbidden to convey any information by facial expressions or gestures.

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